World’s 1st Parachutist

Paris’ Parc Monceau has a plaque to the worlds first parachutist. da Vinci may have dreamt of it but Garnerin was 1st to design/test parachutes capable of slowing a fall from up high. Andre had the idea while a war prisoner in Hungary. He wrote (forgive my translation) “…The love of liberty repeatedly inspired me to think of escape!’ No kidding! Freed in 1796 by ’97 he was in Paris & completed his first parachute, 23 feet in diameter and attached to a basket. On Oct 22nd, the balloon tethered chute rose to some 600 meters and the tether cut. There was no air-vent so the chute swung wildly (reports of ‘air sickness’ on the crowd) but Andre safely alit on the earth to a rapturous! Cool Footnote: 2 yrs later his wife, Jeanne Genevieve, became worlds 1st female parachutist!). SEE MORE AVIATION AT MY SITE 60SECONDPARIS.COM EMAIL: NOT GOOGLE+!!! Paris History! Gotta love it! Send thoughts! cheers D (sorry for odd voicing…took forever to record I was passing out from hunger!)…

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