A touch of New York in Paris

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November. Walking/daydreaming thru the wonderfully eclectic, exotic and teeming 5th Arrondissement –one of my fav’s–when I spied these sneakers dangling, like some special semaphore that rocked me back to my youth in the U.S.

At once incongruous and yet perfectly natural I stood transfixed at the odd symmetry of the three pair, almost perfectly spaced out. Destined to end their days hanging above a tiny side-street, their crime nothing more than a social nod to teen angst, part of the urban feel and a puzzle perhaps to the local pigeons.  (More below..)   I met some friends in nearby coffee-hole, no bigger than shoebox, and wondered if in some tiny 60s_inset1_NewYork-Pariscorner of New York, or LA, or Dallas some transplanted Parisian/Londoner, etc has added some European touches to the local urban landscape. I once read about a Canadian singer (Joni Mitchell/Saskatchewan) who planted wheat on her urban balcony to deter homesickness. That made me think of a great ending scene from a yet another movie I’d like to produce. Here our lead actor is torn by a hemorrhaging love for an Italian woman whom despite feeling similarly, can’t abandon her ailing family in the countryside, …yet he desperately misses his farm & lifestyle in Colorado! The audience, unsure of the outcome and longing for ultimate union, is treated to final late August aerial helicopter shot of the two embracing as they walk towards a massive golden ripening wheat field planted in verdant southern Italian landscape. A battered Chevy half-ton is viewable with vino, fruits, hunks of bread and prosciutto in the back. Kisses, ….fade to black. All this from a pair of sneakers. (And Joni Mitchell). Now If I can just add a story and find Ron Howard.   About Me: I hope you enjoy my site. My passion. It is dedicated to the: city I love. My adopted home. My focus is the enchanting, the ethereal, the wondrous, the magical and the hidden, the vexing and the nerve-wracking. Most importantly it strives to discover, capture and share some of the innumerable off-the-beaten-path tales, people, ideas and images that are Paris. From the secretive to the blatantly beautiful, Paris is a gift you get to unwrap every day, or every morning or late afternoon if you pay attention! If you have a question about Paris, or have always wondered about some aspect, fact, half-remembered myth of folklore, ….anything, write and ask. I’m thrilled to help!  pariscache@gmail.com or dporatta@gmail.com. Thx!     [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

A touch of New York in Paris

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