Square Nicolay Hidden – Paris Gem in the 17th


Another hidden Paris gem, the Square Nicolay (17th) …is  not only something to behold, but a curiosity in its own right. Firstly, it has the distinction of a Russian pedigree yet, is attached to what my decidedly untrained eye says is an English type garden. Hmmm… 2ndly, it’s not exactly on any well-trod, publicly accessed walkway. You kinda-sorta need to Houdini your fancy self inside the private courtyard at 77bis rue Legendre*, to experience it. (Hint?: Chatting merrily into your turned-off cell about ‘still waiting for X to get there’ might help…(In my case a sympathetic bona-fide tenant took pity and ushered me in…) 3rdly, though a ‘Square’ it’s also a ‘footpath’….Lastly, well, you need to find some things by yourself, non?

20160302_115636When you come to Paris –and come you will one day, Non?, …and you exhaust that tourist check-list be sure to experience the little slices of true, everyday Parisian life that make living here so enjoyable! The hidden laneways, the unsung streets, the forgotten and fading building entrances,,, the last Vespasienne (Pissotoire)…. the last drawbridge…etc…the last model of a metric Meter …


So, vaqueros y vaqueras, saddle-up and hit the dusty urban trail, as we t’aint all day, eh?

20160302_115719…..I am thrilled to try and answer any Paris-related questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to write: pariscache@gmail.com

….and if you’re planning a visit I’m more than happy to suggest locations and sights….!


Square Nicolay Hidden – Paris Gem in the 17th

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