‘Telescoping’ Bridge, w rising lights, Pont du Carrousel,

Paris & the rising lamp-posts on the Pont du Carrousel. Imaginatively designed to rise & fall, & not block views of the Louvre! Majestic telescoping street lamps (by Art Deco designer R. Sube).

While a great plan on paper, it didn’t fare too well in reality. As just prior to the mechanisms being set to work, officials, fearing that invading Germans might use the metal for war aims, whisked off the lamps into hiding. After the war they were removed and attempts made to get them working, but the time in storage seems to have had a negative effect on the delicate and precise internal movements. So, no go. Or, no lift. I’ve heard that efforts are underway to try and resolve this problem. No matter, it is a great story and the lamps are worth trekking about to see.

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