St.Valetine’s Day SURPRISE wedding proposal

Was out shopping and decided to dart across the so called ‘Love-lock’ bridge, (long standing tradition of lovers attaching locks to the bridge, then kissing and tossing the key into the Seine). I espied this couple in the process of attaching yet one more lock, and decided (as that’s my nature) to investigate. 

Was in the process of asking them why they had come to Paris (as if you need a reason?) when…HE proposes to HER (it was St. Valentines Day)! I was a very surprised and felt I was invading just a bit (AWKWARD!) but as they were so open, friendly, and going with it, I just went with it. Very sweet couple. Gotta love it! Should’ve asked if he had a ring! GREAT antidote to all the horrid weather around. I wish them well! (They’re names are Sam & Sammy)! 

Love is everywhere here. Just look.


Cheers D

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