Paris’ Amazing Square des Peupliers – another hidden Parisian gem!

The unparalleled beauty of Paris – part 4,165! 

Square des Peupliers: To begin, let me paraphrase Frost, “I shall be telling this with a sigh: Two rues diverged in an arrondissement, and I took BOTH less traveled by!…”

Poor Frost!  Forced to choose between one of two wonderfully intriguing roads!

In Paris, such a limited fate is easily avoided simply by walking around. While much of Paris is sadly being internationalized (read of this numbing inanity what you will…) and urban nightmares continually return from the dead, cum Frankenstein, despite being repeatedly killed by folks with taste and intelligence (Tour de la Glace, anyone?). Luckily a fair bit of our older fair Ville still remains,  where people live and go about their daily routines. And no Arrondissement has a monopoly on this; you can find patches of older, pristine, what we’ll call real Paris throughout the city. These oases can be a few streets, one long fascinating lane, a square, or a few straggling rues which have somehow held on throughout the ages. The common denominator being they are all superlative hidden gems that demand exploration. They are thriving urban wonders lined with homes, gardens, laneways and more…

An added benefit of visiting these areas is that you get beauty & brains, ….meaning the history of any given street is usually as impressive as the lay of the land and the architecture. Writ otherwise, a feast for eye, mind and soul.

Square des Peupliers: (13th)

Probably one of the most charming, if hidden and kinda’ sorta’ off the beaten path’ish, streets in Paris is Square des Peupliers. So if you can’t make to the city of Light this weekend, worry not! –I’ve got you covered!  Square des Peupliers is a jot of territory in Paris’s  13th arrondissement, in charming area called Butte-aux-Cailles.  It’s basically two angled streets which run saunter away from one another for about 20 or 30 meters each before rejoining at the top of a an angle, thus you can stroll thru the area and be awed and absorb all its beauty –-cool artwork in the stamp-sized gardens, ancient streetlamps which seem gas-lit, ivy covered walls which put Harvard and Oxford to shame, in about 5 minutes. The street is a time capsule of sorts, an urban oasis which the insane and inexorable juggernaut of modernization seems to have missed, …..thankfully!

If visiting Paris, get thee to Square des Peupliers pronto! Let its bumpy pavee roads sweep you back in time, stroll beneath the shaded lanes and let your eyes and ears feast in artistic touches …the Art Deco awnings and the flitting birds…and scents that calm the heart and restore the soul!

READ! If there’s a part of Paris you are utterly keen or curious to know about — or have always been curious about, just send me a note and I’ll try and dig up whatever I don’t already know about it. MEANWHILE keep up to date on cool Paris info, stories, unusual background by following 60secondparis/ Instagram.  A tout! Merci! 

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