rue Cremieux, just Magic!

Rue Cremieux is a gem **almost** hidden in the 12th.

It is a street to saunter along as you gaze at the pastel painted wonders aligning each side and/or marvel at the highly imaginative and charming individualized touches. A cat leaping here, a bird soaring or, a trompe-l’œil tree, a Chat Noir acting as silent sentinel or a clock from The New York Electrical Company gracing a homes’ front steps.  Its diminutive size is compensated for by its rich history and Hollywood central-casting like homes standing shoulder-to-shoulder, separated by a bucolic traditional pavé-stone road. It symbolizes so much of this charming city, and is a balm for the soul.

PS: That’s “Portobello Road” not ‘row’, as I said in my excited narrative. 

PSS: Le Chat Noir was a famed 19th C. cabaret in Montmarte which opened in 1881. Images of the famed feline are omnipresent throughout Paris. (And rightly so, we think)!   

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