PERFECT PARIS view from 60 flights Up!

It’s not as if I had nothing to do, but I’ve passed tour Montparnasse (tallest building) for years and never deigned to go atop for the views. “Too touristy”! Weeell, I sit corrected. On a whim I forked out my 14 Euros and took the 38 sec ride – fastest elevator in Paris, as in 38KPH!- to the 56th floor….to an enclosed virtual wrap-around gallery offering perhaps the best views anywhere of the city of light. And there’s good coffee! Awed and agog I climbed to the Obs Deck and….fell in love once again with my adopted city. The views, at 59 flights, are spectacular. The sun was beaming and the air was just out of the ‘fresh’ box. 

The entire city was spread out like an architect’s mock-up for some futurist worlds’ fair. (I would’ve tried the wine bar, …but it was 10am). What to say? All your little mental images of Paris are suddenly neatly laid out under a seemingly endless vault of ultramarine blue, properly connected and conveniently arrayed before you. “Oh, that’s where that is, right behind the park. How could I not see that”? How can tourists possibly appreciate the beauty, the joy of seeing the entire city as much as those who ride the metro or buses, and walk the streets and…and who get lost on a regular basis?  If you have the time, and even if you don’t, get to tour montparnasse and take in a view you won’t forget. Ever.





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