Paris’s Amazing Rue Cite des Fleurs (17th) Charm, History & More!!!


A DREAM STREET IN PARIS! Here’s a partial glimpse of Paris that’ll make you pack up, buy a ticket & hop the next jet here. (And…don’t forget kitty!) ….And…WHY NOT! Rue des Cite des Fleurs, in the the 17th…is a street ripe with ample charms: architectural, historical, visual and more… It is a stunning, picturesque gem in an area some folks disparage ( ‘too dingy’, ‘rough’ …whatever…). The street –some 320 meters long, is gated, though one can easily stroll through most times…car traffic is controlled… the street dates to 1847…and presents two parallel lines of graceful, TOO KILL FOR YARDS AND LOOKS!–story-imbued, gardened-homes well populated with trees, plants and beauty! The planners had strict guide-lines over many aspects of life on the street: building heights, trees (had to be 3!) and plant types, etc. But, like with most attempts at strict control, there’s an abundance of individual style, creativity and charm all long the rue.
(French icons Catherine Deneuve & Françoise Dorléac hail from here).

So..get there….now….you wont be sorry! Have a question about Paris? That’s why I’m here! Ask away! Visiting and want some ideas of off the beaten path, i.e. real Parisian sights and color to see?…..ask away! Cheers!

There are some simply gorgeous and graceful houses to view as you tread the cobble-stoned street. The are varied interesting trees and plants..(and in spring & summer and even late fall, their scents are everywhere).



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