Square Rapp – A wonder

A sort of urban cloistered fissure, or semi hidden street in the heart of Paris which offers one of the more unique views of the ….La tour Eiffel!

Square Rapp in Paris’ 7th arrondissement is the perfect example/reward for walking aimlessly in Paris. A quiet urban fissure surrounded by mesmerizing architecture (Jules Lavirotte) , a unique 3-D trellis, …a tranquil garden, plus history, splendor and that unparalleled, framed view of the Eiffel Tower. All Free. Yours for the viewing.

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The area can be reached any number of ways! One of the nearest Metro stations is Ecole Militaire (Line 8) and then a 10 minute walk. But the area is ideal for walking/exploring/enjoying and there are many great little bistros & coffee shops in the side streets. (Use your judgement)! You are moments from the Eiffel Tower, The American University in Paris, the Champ de Mars…and so much more.


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