Paris Opens Stunning 2nd largest Médiathèque: Françoise-Sagan

Paris has just opened Mediatheque Francoise-Sagan…the capitol’s 2nd largest (@ 4K m2). The facility has 77K books & 10K CD’s and other impressive stats and services*. BUT!  The real story for me is its history…long, long ago in the early swirling mists of French history the area where the Mediatheque stands was a farm, ..long after, it was transformed into a ‘Leproserie’ around the 12th century…(a cool story, no?).  Then it transformed into an orphanage (courtesy of St. Vincent de Paul) and from +/- 1793 held female prisoners. Its more noteworthy or infamous alumnae being the Paris communarde Louise Michel and, the perhaps not-too-clever, or sadly unlucky spy Mata Hari.  It was a hospital for a short a while (reportedly where ladies of one of the oldest professions were escorted for required med checks). Oddly, no historical brochures were available for the grand opening…

The Mediatheque’s interior is spacious, light and airy, and there is glass every, almost bringing the green inviting outside, inside. You feel better just walking around! The complex offers a host of cool services; there’s a Crèche (nursery), a gymnase, a school,  un terrain de foot (soccer pitch), a small kids park, a resto, a…well, you get the idea. It is worth the trip!

*350 places to do research, etc. 50 public-use computers, theaters and meeting venues…

Getting There:  Metro Gare de L’Est, then a 4-5 minute walk to 8 rue Leon-Schwartzenberg.

Last cool detail….OPEN ON SUNDAYS!
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MEDIATHEQUE: A Multimedia library which offers (aside from books) video, audio, e-books, movies, documentaries, and the like.

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