Is it unforgivable to suggest Paris is little more than an assemblage of gardens? A unique, creatively wrought and highly imaginative sprawling collection to be sure and, one which includes as representative examples, the over-sized, the small, the ornate corporate and pedestrian, the well-trodden but also –and here’s where you need hyper-vigilance, the private, hidden, and the seemingly open yet well camouflaged ones secreted away in plain urban sight.

ashtray reflect 5There are parks so small in Paris, you can trip over them! paris amer acad 1Sauntering home along the serpeitining (my word) rue St. Jacques from a meeting (a guaranteed way to discover unknown Paris!) in the 5th I came across the impressive and stately Paris American Academy …SEE FULL STORY IN PHOTO-ESSAYS….AND GO INSIDE THE LITTLE KNOWN The Paris American Academy garden..


Paris & Its Gardens – The Paris American Academy Garden (shhh!)

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