All That Glitters!

All That Glitters!

Missed out on the ‘big one’ back in the Yukon days of yore!? Not to worry, you can enjoy and exult in your very own Gold Rush just by staring at this…the Dome of the Church at Les Invalides….  Yes indeed, G-O-L-D! In 1989, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, the Dome was re-gilded (‘ete redore’.. in French – it sounds so much cooler!) with some, ready for this?.. –half a million sheets of gold leaf…or a staggering 10 kilos —-tho’ one source says 12 ½ kilos…which doesn’t sound like a large discrepancy but we are talking about GOLD (current Gold Price Per Ounce: $1,259.60..or /$40, 497.05 per Kilo)! Do the math….!

CHF*: You can look up all the typical BG stuff…but if you crave info a bit different to think on while walking around the complex, bear this in mind:

1-A major part of ‘L’Affaire’ took place at Invalides. In 1894, in front of the main building, Paris witnessed the ‘degradation’ of the greatly maligned Cpt. Dreyfus. (And, later –in 1906—his rehabilitation occurred on the grounds of complex)!

2- The lead roofing tiles come in at a staggering 250 tons!

3: Big N’s sarcophagus

Thar's Gold in them thar dome...

Thar’s Gold in them thar dome…

is made of the rather uncommon ‘porphyry’– a dark reddish-purple stone which back in the Roman & Egyptian day was the stone of choice. Extant supplies at the time were also hard to come by, and it took about a year to finally get enough of the blocks needed (some 15 of which one a whopping 200 tons)….


Stay tuned and don’t be shy to ask any Paris related questions



Paris Gold Rush

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