Marie Curie/Musee Curie, 5 Nobel laureates, 1family

Paris. Marie Curie was unique. As is the Curie Museum. She was the first woman to present a Physics dissertation, double Nobel laureate, first female prof (Sorbonne). She is buried in the Pantheon! Her husband Pierre Curie, daughter, & son-in-law also Nobel Laureates. 5 in one family.

The Garden of the Musee is wonderfully quiet and imaginative place. A sort of walk-around historical exhibition is set up, with information and photos attached to trees and walls in the garden. The Museum itself is worth the trip and will allow you to learn (and hopefully laugh) at early attempts to market radioactive will make your skin glowHer cookbook is still radioactive! Visit the museum! Sit in the garden & feel her inspiration imbue your soul! 

See all our videos & more with no radioactive risk!  Cheers-D

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