THE i- ROAD coming to France (Given our unholy Pollution we need them now!

A new vehicle, the i-ROAD, a compact 3 wheeler EV, is slated for testing in Grenoble end of 2014…..I want one! Its Toyota and EDF (Électricité de France) …they say it ain’t a car…

From the story….”Mr. Yanaka, the Project General Manager….said his objective had been to create a fun-to-drive and convenient urban EV….The i-ROAD combines the ease of handling of a motorbike and the drive stability and comfort of a car. The automatic active lean mechanism, developed based on the body movement of skiers and running animals, gives the driver the sensation of being totally at one with the machine…”



Wanna know more?


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i-ROAD advanced EV coming to France. (We need it NOW!)

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