How to charge a phone in Paris? The ChargingPlace is how!

A quick fun piece on how to recharge a brainless Smartphone in Paris! Get thee to Dupont Café, in the 1st, & charge yr APPLE I-Phone or Android/anything in 30m while you quaff that St. Emillion.

The new and nifty ChargingPlace terminal is like SAMU for Smartphones (that’s ‘911’ across the pond) just slip in a few euros and its STAGE DIRECTION Cue Hospital TV drama…Lead actor screams..…”Paddles ..Clear!!! ..and ZAP …your cadaveresque cel is back among the warbling and far faster than Dr Frankenstein.

Invented by Paris Wunderkinder Anne Mouchet & Jerome Navarro, this puppy, and hundreds like it, will soon be sprinkled across the capitol and beyond… Not too € € € and very !!!!!!! Please share if you like (a comment won;t hurt!)… We’ll be posting every Friday so stay tuned….

Wanna know more about The Charging Place…(‘course ya do!)

Wanna get to the cool Dupont Café:

WARNING!!: Use of this website may be addictive. Do not snack between videos and share if you’ve even been to Paris, love it or know those who do!

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