Alone but content

Alone but content

Walking thru a friends garden…past the cabin round back…done it  hundreds of times but, today…I see it.

First the colours hit you: those amazing tender, soft, nurturing greens. Only Nature concocts those shades. Then the ‘wonders’ start to form and sprint across your mind:…”how long has it hung there, alone, abandoned…forgotten.. (Years? Decades?) quietly awaiting the summer work drying out that old ratty bathing suit?” Have passed this hanger for eons and only now see it. Its stoicism awaiting my awareness to share its story…

(This an more photos on INSTAGRAM ’60secondparis’)

“I see you.” I say.

“Bout time” it says, ..voice a bit rusted.

“You lonely?” Me.

“Never, …yeah…let me repeat that, Never! No crammed closets for me. Uh-uh. No ending up all twisted and trying to jimmy open some shit-for-brain’s locked SUV”. It said.

“Wow, you’ve uh, you’ve got some opinions on this”?

“Sorry, a bit edgy, eh? Too much time to think. But you gotta get this…(deep breath).. I’m no longer a ‘hanger’, per se, I’m apart of this cabin. Together, we’re a new entity. I’m like the roof, the walls the window and that cheapo floor they built. Like family, after a while whoever’s there …IS ‘there’, right”?

“Absolutely…things evolve..grow”

“Absolutely right.” It agreed.

When it comes to chatting with hangers, and inanimate objects generally, I’ve learned its always best to know when to leave. We exchanged a few more words, and I headed off to get wood for the fire. I decided that, tomorrow, I’d use the dryer in town.

—–happy to try and answer any questions about Paris….! Cheers!




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