(Re-post!) EAU to be in Paris! Is Paris Burning? Chill Out! Smoldering temps or no you can freely partake in the utterly, ineffably rejuvenating joys of quaffing chilled, fresh, CLEAN water during France’s “jours de canicule” as the Capitol –more accurately the clever folks at Eau de Paris have thoughtfully put some 6* sparking & regular iced-water dispensers at your disposal! Why? Maybe its memories of Youth, or summer camp, or the moment when, just after bolting around a boiling garden your lips hit that perspiring fountain and your over-heated body instantly cools off…!

Perhaps to relive those memories or just to be able to enjoy a cool drink, Paris has put free Sparkling and Fresh water dispensers, some offering two ‘eau pétillante’ taps and one ‘Fresh’ water tap throughout the capitol ….and judging by the folks filling up, it is a very popular, not to mention sensible and a very pleasing idea. The numbers of free water dispensers will undoubtedly rise.

FIZZ-DIFF FACTOR- A PROBLEM: Perhaps another reasons is a tad more pedestrian, …according to the Earth Policy Institute, French folks down some 106 liters of cold or sparkling water every year, making it the planets’ 8th ranked user of bottled water! YIKES! And with bottled water comes tons of plastic. Too much for the city we imagine. While Paris tap water tastes great, it aint bubbly! And therein lies the Fizz-Diff Factor (Yes, I made that up). Fizzy water seems to be a major attraction and could well spell the difference between buying (‘bad’) or filling up with ‘free’ (good). Ergo, the city’s decision to Bubblize (yes, my invention again) and chill the water to attract more folks to use free water and eschew the nasty plastic. Don’t have a handy bottle with you (show some initiative eh!)? Fret now, Paris has some decently priced dispensers with a choice of bottle and carafe types! Failing that, use your imagination!

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For Paris Water (French Only…but the term you can use is ‘Les fontaine pétillante?’):

I couldn’t find a handy map for the Chilled Sparkling Water dispensers, but will keep snooping about! Gimme a day or two!

*Chilled Water Dispensers I know of are: There may be more…but I can’t a Paris map detailing them: meanwhile…

19 rue Neuve-Tolbiac (It’s the Eau de Paris Office just around the corner from METRO (ligne 14) Bibliothèque François Mitterrand (13th)

Reuilly Garden (Paris 12th)  – Parc André Citroën (Paris 15th) – Garden Eole (Paris 18th) – Coeur de la Zac  – Clichy-Batignolles (Paris 17th)  

REMEMBER: When its’ HOT drink BEFORE you get THIRSTY!

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