June 30th: Update from the Cool News Arena: one of the 60secondparis videos, on Clement Ader and his Avion III (First man to Fly?), was mentioned


and picked up on Cracked History’s 10 Aviation Firsts list (#5)! 10. Sophie Blanchard, 1st Woman Aviation Fatality, 1819.

Ader was a true visionary and one can’t help but wonder if, had conditions and events been a bit more favourable to him, he well may have been the first man to fly. (At least one French publication says he was). The truth is long forgotten in the swirling mists of history and we’ll probably never know if he was or, was not. Not matter. So be it.  If you’re interested in other Aviation firsts, see the video ‘Paris & World’s First Parachutist, France’s André-Jacques Garnerin (and his even braver wife…the first female jumper)!


There are any number of first and lasts on available on either this site or via You Tube…(Paris’ last Drawbridge or the world’s only remaining Bulls Horn Drinking cup)!

I enjoyed the list (more so as a perpetual 5-year old who has never lost his propensity to be awed by mesmerizing ideas, history and people) am glad thrilled for the exposure.

I will be focusing my efforts on developing the site more fully over the coming summer, and am always ahunt for ideas, suggestions and feedback. Be the first to offer something!  Best DP!




The gang assembles, laughs, sips and flees...

The gang assembles, laughs, sips and flees…

In New York, I lived at the very tony 5th and 89th (Upper East Side). More important was my coffee shop, 3 Guys, just around the corner where our little unofficial gang would assemble between 6am to 7am’ish to share, analyze and castigate the people and major ideas and news of the day. The language was often harsh, the ideas…harsher.

T’was an eclectic band of erstwhile reprobates; a judge, a butcher, a Wall-Street’er (she was allowed to sidle in as she NEVER talked shop ) a doc or two, a chess champion, an Ivy league prof of some stripe, and moi. Attendance altered daily but a core of inner adherents was always present, and easily spotted by the their proprietary coffee cups which had to be earned. Another tale, that.

In Paris I’ve joined another tribe, another band, this one though is mostly parents. We meet at a busy corner cafe which hasn’t seen a paint brush since de Gaulle was a sub-lieutenant.

These gatherings are short. Cafes are served as we enter. Its that golden, brief time after the kids get dumped off when parents beetle down to the favorite corner café. It’s nothing fancy. Look at the table. But, its real and that’s always been an irresistible attraction for me. While on some mornings the coffee should be served by folks in thick HazMat suits, other times it is just divine. And then, we are really there to talk. To yak a bit about finding a semi-honest plumber who’ll only charge 3 times the going rate vs. 7. We are a verbal internet. Your kids doc a worse thief than mine? Who can translate my CV?  I need a Charlie Chaplin costume by 2pm tomorrow!

I love this cafe and all it represents, infused as it is with the unaffected laughs that help ensure the day starts off on the right foot. And, there are always wrinkled brows from the other possible meanings of someone’s comment. That, too, is another tale.  One more? Okay, but a quick one!  Cheers

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Cafe Ritual

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