L’Argonaute Sub ALL DIVE!

Paris submarine L’Argonaute sailed world’s oceans & set some records. On display at GARNORMOUS kids science center, Cite de Science. Tour the boat, fire torpedoes at your ex-boyfriend! (Ok, kidding…ya gotta pay extra for that). Feel cramped. See periscope, torpedo tubes, conning tower, cramped conditions! Museum nearby.  Sub has (had) but one bathroom and a ships compliment of 40!  No assembly required. Torpedoes sold separately! (Uses 300 TYPHOON-sized batteries). Legal Notice: use of this submarine does not confer the ability to wage international maritime warfare. 


The sub and visiting the right-next-door Cite de la Science, THE LARGEST SCIENCE MUSEUM IN EUROPE**–can be a fantastic all-day event, there are endless absorbing activities for kids of all ages i.e. (or is that e.g.?) an indoor movie theater, (IMAX) ..clever exhibits and ongoing series of well crafted exhibitions. Plus, you are a stone’s toss from the very cool  Bassin de la Villette (La Villette Basin)…where yet another world of activities await you.  GO!

**HERE’S AN ENGLISH URL FOR THE SCIENCE CENTRE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cit%C3%A9_des_Sciences_et_de_l%27Industrie

BASSINE: See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bassin_de_la_Villette

..one last tip: if you make it over to bassin de la Villette, you may want to look for the newly opened floating bookstore/library/coffee-shop and environmental centre, called L’eau et les Reves (see the video on the site).  Cheers D




FOR US viewers: Do Not Bring Subs to School!

-Ahoy mateys!  -David

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