An Electric Tree….Magic in The Paris Ayem

Finishing up a painful jog one early morning I stop to catch my breath. I’m tired, achy and out of shape, and mad at myself for being all of that. I suddenly notice a tree just in front of me and feel its presence… if it has something to say. I stop and gaze at it for a few moments…and then, hear it….

“I am a tree. An electric tree full of, and pulsing with, early November light. Nothing you can EVER do will bring me down. Though rooted, I will soar everyday from this spot. I am always above you. Listen and hear my pride. Stroke my bark and feel my confidence. If your spirits are flagging approach ME and feel inspired. My leaves are hear to deter the daily inane and withering assaults in your life. I will sustain you. Its my job but its also my passion. Spread the word.”


Proud Electric TreeEmerging from a gluey reverie I notice…am aware…of feeling far better. Lighter and, oddly, more grounded and content. I amble to the tree. The man with the cell is gone now. Just me and the tree. I place my clammy hand on the warm bark.


There is no response. I jog off.


About Me

I’m David Poratta and I hope you enjoy my site. My passion. It is dedicated to the city I love. My adopted home. My focus is the enchanting, the ethereal, the wondrous, the magical and the hidden, the vexing and the nerve-wracking. Most importantly it strives to discover, capture and share some of the innumerable off-the-beaten-path tales, people, ideas and images that are Paris.

From the secretive to the blatantly beautiful, Paris is a gift you get to unwrap every day, or every morning or late afternoon if you pay attention!

If you have a question about Paris, or have always wondered about some aspect, fact, half-remembered myth of folklore, ….anything, write and ask. I’m thrilled to help! or Thx!



An Electric Tree….Magic in The Paris Ayem

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