Enjoy the site, or let me say ‘your site’, as my passion is to share this magical, ethereal and always changing city with anyone of similar mind.  -David P.

60secondparis is an idea, a process, and a love that seeks to regale all with the history of the capital, from its first, ancient inhabitants to its most contemporary elements. From modern streets to bygone impasses, from middle-age remnants to forgotten personalities, artists, heroes and sinners, secret locales or half-forgotten myths and saints, we aim to chronicle and present its cumulative history which, over 3 millennia, has contributed to the ineffable, magical reality of Paris.

Grasping Paris’ essence means being able to notice its subtle minutiae, here,a sunken fruit-cart wheel merging into the sidewalk (see: Photo Essay)In the 6th, a wheel slowly being absorbed into pavement. Or, growing out of it?

In the 6th, a wheel slowly being absorbed into pavement. Or, growing out of it?



where its been rooted for decades, or watching the city’s last drawbridge (see: Videos) as it allows Piétons to cross Canal SaintMartin.  Explore Paris via a growing and eclectic assortment of video vignettes chronicling Paris’ essence. Watch and learn of the wonder of WWII Hero Rose Valland or the hyper-achieving La famille Curie (5 Nobles!) …plus much more. We are open to suggestions for new videos!

60secondparis is dedicated to the city I love. My focus is finding, capturing and sharing the enchanting, the ethereal, the wondrous, the magical and the hidden, vexing and nerve-wracking elements of Paris. And, to share but a fraction of this cornucopia of off-the-beaten-path tales, people, ideas and images which is Paris. Paris is a gift you get to unwrap every-day, if you pay attention!

If you have a question about Paris, or have always wondered about some aspect, fact, or half-remembered myth ….anything, write and ask. I’m thrilled to help!  pariscache@gmail.com

Thanks and enjoy!


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