Paris’ Urban Armandas…and….

Like the imposing prow of a proud battleship, Paris buildings anchoring corners often appear set to steam into an intersection, you can almost hear the waves crashing in their wake, yet sit imperially, unfazed by traffic, pedestrians or mindless tourists below. Paris is awash in these urban Armadas and to stop and suddenly catch site of one will stop you in your tracks and quicken the heart rate.

I’m David Poratta and I hope you like my site. It is all about the city I love. My adopted home. The good, the enchanting, the ethereal, the wondrous, the magical and the hidden, the vexing and the nerve-wracking. The secret and the hidden and the blatantly beautiful. Paris is a gift you get to unwrap every day, or every morning or late afternoon if you pay attention!

If you have a question about Paris, or have always wondered about some aspect, fact, half-remembered myth of folklore, ….anything, write and ask. I’m thrilled to help! or Thx!







Paris’ Urban Armandas…and….

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