Accordin’ to History…(Opening a store during WWI)

ACCORDIN’ TO HISTORY: How passionate must one have been to open an Accordion shop during WWII in Paris? One answer might be found by looking at closely looking at this photo. This shop, in the 14th, opened its doors in 1944, with Paris still under the horrid grip of Nazi occupation, and yet you assume with the knowledge perhaps, like the sounds of the surf from a distant, unseen shore, that Freedom, D-Day!, was not that far away.

Or, did its doors open after June 6th 1944? Did the owner, –confident of a return to Parisian life with songs in the street, lightheartedness once again flowing in homes and bistros ….the streets and alleys like spring rain, did he know the tide had turned (and if so, How?) and that music would, once again, be in demand? Did he see nervous Nazis looking for the exits? Did the owner know something sooner, that others didn’t; that an Allied victory was at hand and would be celebrated with Accordion music. He was at least half right.

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Accordin’ to History…(Opening a store during WWI)

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